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A World-Renowned Architect’s Creative Vision Spans Generations

Architecture, Art, Fashion & Home-goods – Expanding the Family Name for Generations to Come.

South Florida is well-known for Fashion, Art, Million-dollar homes and Castles in the Sky; not to mention many world famous people that call it home.

Visionary Architect, Robert M. Swedroe, is a world-renowned Architect and Fine Artist known for creating luxury multi-family condominiums with Direct-Entry Elevators and Through-View/Sunrise-Sunset units.  While his prospering architectural firm was innovating and moving forward, the company website and brand had been left to crumble and become dated.  But a new website for Swedroe Architects & Planners was just the beginning, as the Swedroe Brand was looking to expand.

The Rub

Ariel, the grand-daughter of Robert Swedroe, had been making a name for herself as a young, up-and-coming Fashion Designer in Miami; her palette of choice, was/is of-course, Robert’s Artwork.

An accomplished Fine Artist, Robert Swedroe has created over 500 Collages in his lifetime. With a unique color scheme and texture map, young Ariel took these works and transformed them into Wearable Fashion: Swedroe by Ariel.

Swedroe Architects Web Designs by sliStudios Miami

Rebuilding the Brand.

To begin, we worked closely with the Swedroe team to re-envision the Swedroe Architecture & Planning website. As a competitive South Florida architectural firm, bold, beautiful images, along with a well-organized and filterable portfolio was the primary goal for the project.

Upgrading from a static, HTML site, is a modern, responsive and future-proof website that caters to their target market.  In-addition, with many investor projects coming from foreign countries, we enabled a multi-language interface that will detect and automatically display website content in the language of the browser the site is being viewed in.

Swedroe by Ariel Web Design by sliStudios Miami

Expanding the Brand. was the first in a series of web designs we constructed for the Swedroe Brand. To lift the visibility of the Swedroe by Ariel Fashion line, we were tasked with initially creating a simple Showcase website, designed to display Ariel’s work, and to invite potential buyers to interact with her social media accounts.

As this was a new endeavor with a small budget, was created on our fully integrated, responsive and e-commerce enabled bizProWeb platform. With a modern and fresh design, the Swedroe by Ariel website was up and running within 12 days.  Since the original launch in 2016, e-Commerce has been activated and visitors have been making purchases directly from the website.

Swedroe Licensing Web Designs by sliStudios Miami

Moving Into New Markets.

As a brand continues to grow, it’s online presence must to grow with it.

Gaining reputation and influence, the Swedroe Brand has been inquired to have some of Robert’s artwork be printed on lounge-chair pillows for a major, world-wide, hotel brand. Recognizing this inquiry as an opportunity, Swedroe has launched Swedroe Licensing, and is now licensing Robert’s artwork to various manufacturers to be printed on a variety of consumer goods.

An e-commerce-based web design, (also built on our bizProWeb platform), caters to potential buyers that may be interested in licensing available artwork to be printed on custom products; whether it be private-label or otherwise.  With over 170 products available on the site, we created ‘Mock-ups’ to display visions of how these materials can be used on various goods.