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Growing Relationships with Social Convenience

Social Media Outreach Puts Tom Thumb Steps Closer to Customers.

Family-owned and operating merely 15 locations, for a long time, Tom Thumb Food Stores did little to engage the local South Florida communities on a personal level. Today, Tom Thumb has a far-greater understanding about who their customers are, what’s important to them and how better to provide a positive experience for their communities.

Our Approach

The sliStudios team first needed to understand Tom Thumb’s presence on the world-wide-web, not how they leveraged a Social Media presence, but also the impact & reach of the Website, along any other ‘breadcrumbs’ online that mentioned their brand. Gathering as much information about company’s online ‘footprint’ laid the groundwork for a revolutionized consumer engagement experience.


Many businesses, rarely-if-ever need to worry about their Brand Name being used by a competitor who is offering the same or similar products or services.  In this case, the Tom Thumb name is actively used by 3 companies, each vying for a piece of the pie.  This often times leads to customer confusion, and this is exactly what we discovered in the early stages.

Tom Thumb Food Stores Digital & Social Media Marketing - sliStudios Miami Beach

The Campaigns.

Over the next several months, our marketing team worked diligently to visually organize the Tom Thumb Food Store brand through cohesive design elements, not only on Social Media, but on the Website as well.  Defining this Tom Thumb from the similar competitors was a key factor in directing online customer focus to the correct company.


Our primary area of focus was delivering consistent Social Media content to inform and engage customers of each Tom Thumb location page. Ultimately, general social posting leads to strategic posting designed to engage specific audiences and drive customer interactions.

Tom Thumb Food Stores Digital & Social Media Marketing - sliStudios Miami Beach

The Results.

During the first 6 months after initiating the campaigns, Website Traffic increased 130%, with New Users Up 176% and Page Views Up 154%. During this same time, Facebook Likes and Instagram Follows increased by 48% and 122% respectively.

Additionally, through Social Communications, customers have actively engaged in conversations, supplied customer service requests, applied for jobs and continue to provide insight as to how Tom Thumb may continue to improve customer experiences.


Website Traffic


New Visitors


Page Views


Social Media

We had successfully distinguished the Tom Thumb Food Store brand and Gained the Interest and Focus of their targeted South Florida Markets.

“We wish we could have you all to ourselves.”

– Rick K., Director of Operations, Tom Thumb Food Stores

Continuing the Conversation.

Social Media Marketing was but a stepping-stone for Tom Thumb Food Stores, as their primary focus, Facebook, has changed it’s organic news feed algorithm to focus more on Friends & Family.  Rather than displaying news from every Page, Group, Celebrity or Friend in the order new is posted, Business Page posts now are being seen by Less Than 2% by their page fans and followers.

sliStudios has already begun to refine the role Social Media plays in the marketing efforts of Tom Thumb Food Stores and has continued to boost page Likes and Follows along with creating a boost in website traffic.  While Organic Facebook Marketing may not be the primary organic publishing platform going forward, we have already proven there are other means by which to captivate the Target Market.

Tom Thumb Food Stores Digital & Social Media Marketing - sliStudios Miami Beach