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SLI Studios was tasked to conceptualize and build a brand new system for International Marketing and Recruiting efforts to be used by American Universities for foreign student communications.

The iXplore project challenged us to think outside of the box and put our skills to the test.

What we did

Logo Design: Initially we began by creating a Corporate Identity, something unique that could be used and recognized for both domestic and international marketing purposes.

Software Concept/Design: Next, we worked with the client to conceptualize the products they were going to sell to the universities as their primary tool for international recruitment.  This subsequently lead to the generation of Interactive Online Brochures with Mobile device fall-backs accompanied by a robust Analytics system.

Product Development: Before SLI Studios was involved with this project, the client had arranged for a development team located in Jordan to code the software that would run the E-Brochure products.  We were asked to act as Project Managers during the build and were point-to-point contacts with the Head Jordanian Developer.

Project Management: In-addition to working with the Jordanian development team, we were also asked to collaborate directly with each American University contact person (usually the head of the International Student Departments). During this phase, SLI and the University contact would discuss brochure design details, video ideas as well as written content.

Brochure Design: Upon discussing with each University contact, SLI Studios designed each schools’ brochure in Adobe InDesign and then translate those PDFs into Interactive Pages for the E-Brochure software.

Additional Work: In-addition to the conceptualization, creation and management of the iXplore Universities product, SLI Studios also designed a Website, Company Stationary, PowerPoint Presentations, Newsletter, Set Up Tracking Software for each brochure, Edited Video amongst other items.

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Example Live Brochures:
DePaul UniversityNorthern Kentucky UniversityUniversity of Nevada - RenoDuquesne UniversityTroy UniversityWright State University

Services Applied

Web Design and Development Services Miami
Creative Design Services Miami
Marketing and Business Strategy Miami
Web Analytics for ROI Miami
High Speed Web Hosting Services Miami
Software as a Service - bizProWeb


  • Created Highly-Recognizable Corporate Brand
  • Developed Client’s Main Sales Product
  • Managed Overseas Development Team
  • Designed Professional Marketing Brochures
  • Coded Final Product for Each School
  • Translated Each E-Brochure for School
  • Helped A Startup to Create Its Entire Company From Scratch

Additional Work

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