Intelligent Corporate Branding is the keystone by which major companies build their future Marketing efforts, Operating philosophies and Corporate policies.  The Brand should be recognizable, tell a story, and relate to your target market.

What we did.

When SLI Studios was asked to create a corporate identity for a new quick-serve restaurant chain here in Miami, we accepted the challenge head on and delivered a top-notch company brand.

Sitting with the company ownership, tasting various recipes and holding discussions about the nature of the new company were instrumental in the overall look and feel of the design.

The PastaBox logo design represents a thoughtful simplicity that speaks for itself.  Logo Symbol: 1) As the company is predominantly a Take-out eatery, a To-Go box is the only presentation of food; so let’s design a logo that looks like it’s in a box. 2) The main dish served is Pasta, so let’s use pasta inside of a box.  Color Scheme: Something traditional to Italian, but a little lighter and more playful due to : a) we don’t want the customer to see the logo and feel the food will be Heavy and b) the company is based in Miami, where pastel colors are the norm.

SLI Studios delivered a memorable Corporate Identity that the client was able to market effectively throughout their eatery and one their customers enjoyed.

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