Targeting the foreign markets, the WayfareUnited.com website project was designed as an initial-stage-marketing-website purposed to inform and attract overseas investors in American build projects.

What we did.

SLI Studios worked with the client to quickly design a Mobile-Friendly website that could be easily managed with a powerful Content Management System.  In-addition, as this website is targeting foreign markets, website Language Translation software must be implemented in order for the website to read in the native viewers’ language.

Taking into consideration that this particular website was targeting foreign site visitors, especially those located in China, we suggested that website hosting be secured from a Chinese-based web hosting company due to the Great FireWall of China.

This is what was asked, this is what we delivered.  Within 18 business days from initial contact from the client, SLI planned and work strategically to implement the website design, build and tests so the client could use the site to start marketing as soon as possible.  Once the English version of the site had gone live, we educated the client on how to implement Language Translations.


Special Note: Although SLI and the Client’s office is a mere 2.3 miles apart, due to scheduling and time constraints, the staff of SLI Studios and the Client never met face-to-face. We were able to effectively produce a high-quality product with the use of electronic communications such as: Email, Phone calls as well as Modern Tech such as: inVisionApp & WebEx.

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