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MIC Worldwide Website Design - sliStudios Miami Beach

MIC Worldwide

International web design

MIC Worldwide

Big Images & Parallax Backgrounds

MIC Worldwide is an international security and intelligence company with a home in Downtown Miami, but Headquartered in Paraguay.

After having hired a web design ‘individual’ to create a new, modern website with large images, sliStudios was called-in to correct the mistakes of the previous, overseas, ‘designer’.

Taking note from the client to present the website information with beautiful, relevant imagery with backgrounds that moved as the user scrolls (parallax), we completely re-built the MIC website from scratch. The client was very pleased with the final results, and the entire build took less than two weeks. 

Web Design Features:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Auto SSL Certificate
  • ADA Compliance

MIC Worldwide

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