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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) begins with the technical aspects of website design and continues with a conscious effort to maintain authoritative content online that adheres to strict requirements set by Google.



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SEO Defined:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the Content, Technical Set-up, and Reach of your website so that your pages appear at the top of a search engine result for a specific set of keyword terms.

Now that we’re on the same page..

Search engine presence is something every business needs.

National, International, Local..  Global Brand Recognition or just ‘Getting Started’.., search engine optimization is a cornerstone to increasing your business’ online visibility. 

Combined with Paid-Advertising, Social Media engagements and Content Marketing, Technical SEO & Off-Site can be a powerful means to boost your website to the first page of search.

We’ll get you to where you need to be.


By the Numbers

Your website may or may-not be listed on the first page of a Google Search, but don’t worry, we’ll get you there.

Evaluate. Audit. Plan. Deploy.

What we do.

You may know which keywords you may want to rank-for, but performing any SEO digital marketing campaign would be moot without understanding where your website stands against the competition.

Discovery of your Brand or Business’ digital footprint on the web is only way to begin. We thoroughly investigate how your website, brand, hashtags, content, reputation and other items are spread around the internet before any marketing strategy can be implemented.

Once information is gathered about your website, your competitions’ website(s), and learning ‘who your business is’, we can then begin the SEO Marketing Process. 

Through the SEO Marketing process, your website will not only gain in search rankings, but you’ll gain a greater insight into your business and more potential customers will become aware of your Brand.

Search Engine Visibility Tracking based on Keyword Rankings - Miami SEO
SEO Tracking: 60-Day Website Visibility Rankings | Client + 4 Competitors

Strategic decisive implementation

How we do it.

While the details of Search Engine Optimization are quite robust and technical, it can be simplified to a three-headed approach:


By addressing the website first, can we effectively create a solid SEO foundation by which to catapult the site content to the top of search rankings. Notice, we said ‘Site Content’. This is because, not everyone is looking for your Homepage, but rather something you Sell or Provide that may be on a page deep within your website navigation menu. 

Once your website is up-to-par, you should begin to see your website naturally start to rank for various desired keywords. This is because the Google ‘bot’ will review your site, agree that it now meets it’s performance standards, and will reward the website with rankings boost – This won’t happen overnight, but within a couple-weeks, the needle will move.

Next: ‘Spreading the Word’.

Off-site SEO is the second-step in the process and, depending on the budget, this involves just about everything under-the-sun with regards to Digital Marketing efforts.

Keyword Research, Competition Research, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Polls, Newsletters, Public Relations, Customer Engagements, and so on.. it can be very time-consuming and quite costly, but when strategically deployed, a robust SEO Digital Marketing campaign can also be extremely beneficial to your bottom-line.

At the end-of-the-day, the goal is to generate Authoritative Backlinks to your website content from Anchor-text containing a Keyword that you are trying to rank for.

Then, we do it for another Keyword.. 

Now: Time to Review the Process


Fine-Tuning your Website to meet Google Standards.
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AKA: Technical SEO

On-Site SEO requires adhering to the many ‘Optimization’ rules set forth by Google: Image ALT-tags, Semantic Markup, Speed, Headings, Keywords, Internal links, Read-ability and so-on.

Off-Site SEO

Efforts taken away from the primary ‘Money-site’ to help build Authority


This is the ‘Bread-and-Butter’ of SEO: Content Marketing. Writing Articles, Publishing Press Releases, Guest Posting, Social Media… all with links back to your website. It’s an ongoing process..

Tracking & Analytics

Google Analytics, Social Engagements, Rankings & more


Everything must be monitored, tracked and refined. Google changes quarterly just like people search for different items depending on the season. We must Analyze, Strategize & Keep Users Engaged.

Big Data is the key to everything marketing. 

Google Analytics, Custom Tracking Code, Social Media Data, Backlinks, Keyword Performance, Article Performance, Shares, Likes and what-have-you.  The data must be analyzed and changes will be made.

The nature of any marketing campaign is fluid. One-size NEVER fits all and it’s up to sliStudios to ensure that your content continues to be relevant and that your SEO campaign is mirroring current search trends.  By tracking and analyzing the data, adjustments will be made to the SEO Digital Marketing campaign, new Keywords will be discovered, the website will be updated and a new marketing cycle will begin.

SEO is a Perpetual Digital Marketing Tactic.


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