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Family-owned for over 50 years, Tom Thumb Food Stores was in need of an upgrade. Analytics showed that over 62% of their Convenience Store customers visited their website from a Mobile Phone. With the existing site not mobile-friendly, folks who were on-the-move didn’t find the website very Convenient. 

Already partnered with Tom Thumb as their Social Media Marketing Partner, we could see the data first-hand – the website Bounce-rate was off the charts. It’s not that site visitors couldn’t view the website with their phone, they just couldn’t Navigate or find what they needed.

sliStudios’ Creative Director could not stand-by and watch as a client fell-behind the times with a website stuck in 2010. He proposed the new website, plead his case, and Tom Thumb agreed to the upgrade.

After 2 years of waiting for this moment, our highly-motivated website design team Designed, Built & Launched new website in Under 3-Days. 

Since launching the new, Mobile-Friendly, website, Traffic to has not only Increased, but Site Visitors Stay 6,378% LONGER than before. 

Website Features:

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I knew we needed the website updated, but this blew me away. This is a Game-Changer!
J & T McCarthy

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Tom Thumb Food Stores Old Website Design
Tom Thumb Food Stores New Website Design by sliStudios Web Development, Miami Beach, FL