Sparkling Water

A Refreshing Take for a Sparkling Florida Beverage Company.

Fresh logo and packaging design, this Florida-based sparkling water company refreshed its image and carved a new market.
Onli Natural Beverage Company ReBrand by sliStudios Miami

Onli Natural



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Thirsting for
a New Niche.

Early 2016; ownership of this this highly-regarded sparkling beverage out of Boca Raton had changed hands, and while Onli Sparkling boasted a fair-share of loyal South Florida fans, the new beverage company owners were looking to expand the market-base with a refreshing brand update – and they wanted it in a hurry.

Our Approach

With only a two-month window to reinvent, reimagine and redesign an entirely new brand for Onli’s new production line, our Miami-based Marketing Agency was All-in.

Provided with limited background, we did not hesitate to take the reigns of communication and brand concepts started immediately.

Onli Natural Beverage Branding - sliStudios Miami

Re-imagining a Brand.

Participating on the fastest-growing beverage market, Onli was extremely interested in not losing any ground in this Spring-to-Summer, upward-trending, beverage market.

Our first task was to modify the Onli logo design with the added notation of “Natural”, and provide a color-scheme reminiscent of it’s new organic flavors. We moved away from the original ornate design and copper finish to a simple, yet enchanting, pastel green with white accent.

The new color-scheme softened the brand image with the intent of appealing to a wide-variety of potential buyers, but was also simple enough to invite an array of bright and colorful imagery that would support each flavor profile.

Onli Natural Beverage Branding - sliStudios Miami

Dressed to Impress.

While logo design and branding are the corner-stone for everything that is to come, selecting a suitable storyline is the next great task.

As a light, refreshing and organic sparkling beverage, we chose to showcase the new Onli Natural by wrapping it in the images of flavors each bottle contains. Bright, wet, delicious imagery to not only to be visually appealing, but to also suggest to the buyer that what is inside should be something they need to taste.

"We love the new design. It’s very impressive how sliStudios was able to produce such high-quality work in such a short amount of time. Great job!"
– Erik K. –
Onli Natural Beverages

Revenue Streaming User Experience.

When launching a new product, the consumer must be able to locate and make purchases wherever it is most convenient to do so. In the age of Smartphones, this means from at the touch of a button.

Once the new Onli Natural was into production, our final step was to develop a flagship website for the new brand. However, daunted by a now-non-existent creative budget, we determined it was best to recommend our bizProWeb service. Fully customizable, bizProWeb enabled us to rapidly design and deploy a modern website that not only supported Onli Natural’s market presence, but also featured the ability for customers to purchase cases of the beverage right from the website.

Additionally, the new website was connected to Facebook which allowed for products to be purchased from the Onli Natural Facebook Page as well as allowed for customers to create accounts within the website with their Facebook login.

Enabling this reciprocating connectivity enabled Onli Natural to better connect with it’s customers and allowed customers the ease of a better buying experience.

Onli Natural Beverage Web Design - sliStudios Miami

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