Tuning-up for Global Deployment

On the forefront of Smart Cart technology, Tracxpoint has been innovating their products and solutions for automated retail since 2015. With successful trials of their smart cart solutions in Israel and Italy, Tracxpoint is tuning-up for deployment of the ONLY modular smart cart technology that can fit on existing shopping cart; saving millions of dollars for their retail customers.

After having their first website built with Wix and a second, in-progress, website design that wasn’t ‘living-up to expectations’, the CEO of Tracxpoint called in sliStudios to create a new vision of their corporate site to showcase the future of the company

Moving quickly, our team, designed a smart website, based on existing information, to visually represent that Tracxpoint IS a technology company. Simply organized, simple layouts with the additions of subtle animations to bolster the futuristic effect are the core design principals for this web project.

In its current state, the website is a General Information site intended to appeal to Customers, Investors and Users(Shoppers); with future plans to compartmentalize the content with content engineered to speak directly to each target audience. 

Build Time – Initial Design: 3.5 Days / Text & Images Changes: 2 Weeks

Project Update

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 Virus pandemic, Hunter Squared Gallery had to close the doors to its physical location. However, we are transitioning into a Virtual Art Gallery where viewers can ‘walkthrough’ the halls and rooms to view and interact with the artwork. We’ll let you know when it’s ready to go.

(Current & Planned)

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